About Libodyssey

Rebecca Parker is a very new librarian — about 12 months old in human years — so she’s still extraordinarily opinionated. She is a member of the new ALIA Victorian New Graduates Committee and has just signed up to co-edit ALIA newgradsnews because she obviously doesn’t have enough to do already.

By day, Rebecca works for Swinburne Library as a repository manager (no, that doesn’t mean she monitors the sewers … she stalks researchers then writes about their work). By night, she is Libodyssey, a shortsighted but hopefully broadminded library blogger.


One Response to About Libodyssey

  1. Sara Jervis says:

    Every skill I learnt as a Research Librarian I apply when I search google.

    40 years experience in the workforce tells me that Librarians will never be out of work, no matter what futurists say. Everywhere in the early 90s and especially here at Swinburne, there were pundits predicting the word librarian would cease to exist; all libraries would be referred to as information resources centres; library buildings could be reduced in size; minimal campuses would cater for virtual students.

    While I did not work in the library then, everyone used to look at me, knowing my background, to see how I would respond. I used to smile and say, let us wait and see.

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